Important Tips You Need To Know When You Are Flying From Heathrow Airport

Right now the holiday season is going to start and there will be a huge rush in this season irrespective of anything. But, for a good and successful trip, you need a good start to the trip and this is possible when you successfully pass through the airports because while flying from airports you need to consider some things or rules. And, in this blog, we will give you some important tips you need to know when you are flying from Heathrow airport.

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Following are the tips for flying from Heathrow airport:

  • Check-in rules: If you have done check-in process online and carrying only handbags then you need not go to check-in desk but make sure to check the hand baggage that you are carrying meet the airline rules. And if you have not done online check-in then your check-in details will be provided on the ticket and on the terminal screens.
  • Be on time: For check-in, there is a rule that you have to get to the airport before 2 hours or 4 hours, it is mentioned to you in advance. But we will suggest you to reach the airport early because you have to follow the check-in and other process and also you have to look over the parking.
  • Look at your luggage: There is only a certain weight that you are allowed to carry with you. So, be effective in packing your luggage, carry the cold clothes only if you are travelling to a place which is cool and in that also wear the heavy clothes so that it can save your luggage space and weight and don’t fold your clothes while packing and instead roll your clothes as it avoids creasing and save your luggage space. Also, if possible don’t pack food because food is available in flight as well as the terminal.
  1. Consider Meet & Parking service: Meet and greet service is a service that allows you to drop your car near the airport terminal and leave it with the service provider to park the car, and on return, your car will be ready and you can get the quick departure. Meet and greet service. This service is very useful when you are travelling with family or you are carrying heavy luggage with you. So, it is good to avail this service at the airport as it is worth for money service.

So, these are the tips that you need to know/consider when you are travelling from Heathrow airport. We at EHPF provide the best Heathrow meet and greet parking service and all other useful parking services for your car which are all value for money services.

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